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Hi! My name is Lia and I am an artist based here in Syracuse NY!

My goal for my art is to spark JOY and HAPPINESS in a world filled with so much fear and anxiety!

Let my art remind you of some of the many beautiful and wonderful things in this world with nature, beautiful people, and COLOR.

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Who is Lia Parks?

Lia Parks Paints of Syracuse NY has a goal through her art to spread Happiness! Incorporating every color of the rainbow

Growing up homeschooled and in poverty, a pack of Crayola markers always brightened up her day.

The colors inspired her! making different combinations of colors on the paper.

In 2020 when the pandemic took over she began painting her first canvas, a clown ballerina with every color imaginable!


She began creating more work and selling it to friends and family.

In summer 2022 She leaped and quit her full-time job and moved to part-time work to be able to focus on art and the joy that comes with it, Creating a business to reach farther out of her circle.

so many worries, anxiety and negative energy in the world! She wishes for when people look at her work that maybe just a little spark of HAPPINESS shines through their heart.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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